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Who We Are

As Protestant representatives of the Christian faith, which is based particularly on Scripture and also on traditions, reason, and experience, we seek to make contributions to China and her intellectual community in the belief that these Christian resources are relevant to Chinese culture and modern society. We therefore form this Consortium to work cooperatively with universities and research institutions in China to study and research the foundation of Christianity, its traditions, as well as its impact throughout human history with particular emphasis on Chinese society, past and present.

CAC is affiliated with Educational Resources and Referrals-China (ERRC), which was registered in the state of California in April of 1986 as a nonprofit public benefit corporation. The original
and ongoing purpose of the organization is to promote goodwill and understanding between North American and Chinese cultures through educational services as well as cultural and academic exchanges.

CAC collaborates with many leading universities in China, including: Central University of Nationalities in China (Beijing), Fudan University (Shanghai), Huazhong Normal University (Wuhan), Institute of Sino-Christian Studies (Hong Kong), Institute of World Religion Academy of Social Science (Beijing), Peking University (Beijing), People’s University (Beijing), Shandong University (Jinan, Shandong), Tsinghua University (Beijing), Wuhan University (Wuhan), Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, Zhejiang), Zhongshan University, (Guangzhou)

Action Plan of CAC

CAC welcomes Institutional membership and establish a network of friends of CAC in order to facilitates dialogue between academics in North America and China by

• Hosting international conferences in Comparative worldviews,
• Arranging teaching/lecturing opportunities
• Mentoring Chinese scholars
• Encouraging the publication and translation of academic Christian writings in China
• Providing Chinese scholars enrichment opportunities academically and spiritually.

CAC Institutional Delegates come from various seminaries and Christian Universities, CAC plays a vibrant, effective and unique role in the Intellectual community in China. CAC Institutional delegates and network friends meet annually in Berkeley every March since 1996 for consultation with Chinese scholars and Christian China watchers.

In 2008 we were privileged to host a series of Intensive Biblical seminars for Chinese University faculty members and Ph.D. candidates, progress in our Annotated Bibliography web database of Christian publications available to the general public (currently there are 386 entries), as well as sponsor a Comparative Ethics Conference

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CAC Projects Since 1996

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY • An online database of Christian books that have been published
by secular publishers in China for the general public to read. While many Chinese publishers have published books related to Christianity, the limited number of printed copies of these books, along with their limited distribution, makes it difficult for China's academic institutions and overseas research institutions to discover these rich resources. For this reason, CAC has undertaken the task of systematically collecting and summarizing these books. Currently there are more than 350 books and they range from doctorate theses on the subject of Comparative Religions to popular texts such as Purpose Driven Life. (bibliography.html)

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES • CAC sponsored the Inauguration Symposium of the Department of Religious Studies in Peking University in 1996 and two Philosophy and Religion symposia in the late 1990s. Recently, CAC launched a series of advanced biblical and theological intensive seminars two times a year for University faculty members and Ph.D. candidates. These seminars have provided great mentoring, equipping and fellowship opportunities for future Chinese Christian leaders.

CAC FELLOWES ENRICHMENT • Since 1997, CAC has annually sponsored a number of faculty members in Religious Studies programs to come to the U.S. for research or academic conferences.
In addition, Chinese Christian scholars are able to gather for fellowship and renewal at the Covenant Retreat in Hong Kong. There they are able to encourage one another and share challenges of being Christian as faculty in China.

TEACHING/LECTURE PROGRAM • Several CAC Christian professors from the West have taught religion
related courses at Chinese universities.

Lectures delivered by CAC Christian Scholars in recent years:
Dr. Joseph Spradley: Religion & Science, 2008
Dr. Earl Palmer: CS Lewis, 2008
Dr. Dan Williams: Patristic Studies, 2007-8
Dr. Frank Morgan: History of Christian Thought, 2005
Dr. Max Stackhouse: Public Theology, 2005
Rev. Jim Larkin: Bible Survey Course, 2002
Dr. Henry Zwanstraa: Western History, 2000

CONSULTATION MEETINGS • Since 1996, CAC has arranged annual consultation meetings for Institutional Delegates with Chinese scholars and Christian China watchers.